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Spring SpecialRegardless of the diet, do you get caught up in Emotional Eating to mask and enhance feelings? Even when you’re full, do you Obsess About Food and can’t stop with one bite, feeling Addicted to Food? Do you swing back and forth from Overeating to Starving, trying to Maintain Your Weight?

In 12 weeks, you can free yourself of the exhausting and demeaning battle with food.  Totell has the power you need, with the tangible tools, the science based methods, and the research based secrets to change YOU, not just your diet. Listen to the video to learn more!

Totell takes you through a step-by-step process that shows you exactly:

  • How to STOP eating in response to emotions
  • WHAT causes a binge and HOW to stop it
  • WHY certain foods trigger addictive overeating, and
  • HOW Scientific based SOLUTIONS end your overeating!

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Dr. Steve Avey M.S.,R.PH.

"As a health care professional and pharmacist, I deal with large populations of people who battle chronic diseases associated with their underlying problem, obesity. Our society is obsessed with the quick and easy fix. Medications and medical procedures are frequently ineffective and do not address the emotional aspects of the problem. Chronic dieting has shown almost no success and commonly brings about cycles of weight loss and weight gain, resulting in a great deal of frustration. Totell is an exciting program, which finally provides the missing component to long-term weight loss. I heartily recommend that you explore Totell and consider the benefits of participating in the Emotional Eating Program."

Dr. Scoresby, MD

"People who use food to comfort themselves emotionally harm not only their physical but mental health. Emotional eating is self-sabotaging; it creates an environment of failure, which carries over into many other areas of an individual’s life. Totell gives tools and techniques to stop using food as an emotional distraction. I recommend this program to anyone who struggles with emotional eating".


Dr. Steven Mobley, MD

"There is a crucial component to overeating that gets overlooked. It's the "emotion" behind why we eat. Over 68% of Americans are overweight, 90% of diets fail and 92% of people who do lose weight, gain it back. Totell Wellness teaches clients how to overcome emotional eating. It's a new approach that gives clients solid strategies, proven methods and powerful tools to achieve a healthy weight. Stop dieting and end emotional eating." www.MobleyMD.com


Lose the weight and keep it off.

Develop a happy, healthy relationship with food.

Control your emotional, physical and addictive cravings.

Stop obsessing over what you

Enjoy a life of wellness.
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"Totell has given me hope I never thought I'd find. Now that I finally understand why I'm overeating, I know exactly what to do to stop. The weight is coming off and I feel more in control all the time.”
- Laura S. San Diego, California

"Every new diet felt like the same old cage. I'm not trapped anymore thanks to Totell. I've got the information, the tools and the personal support to break free and make peace with food once and for all."
- Emily M. New York City, New York
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Did you know most weight gain is the result of 3 different kinds of overeating? Which type of overeating has a hold on you?
Physical Overeating: Eating due to dieting and food deprivation

Emotional Overeating: Eating to mask or enhance emotions

Addictive Overeating:
Eating from chemically addictive triggers

Totell ends physical, emotional, and addictive overeating.
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Emotional, Compulsive Stress Eating – How You Can Benefit from Professional Help

If you fall victim to emotional, compulsive stress eating, you are not alone.  In fact, it’s a very common problem. 

But, you don’t have to let it consume you. 

With professional help – like the kind of coaching you get from Totell Wellness – you can overcome stress eating and the shame that comes with it.

Emotional, compulsive stress eating is a powerful habit.  People who do it are using food almost like a tranquilizer.  When something goes wrong, they head right to the refrigerator.  In their minds, a bad day at work justifies eating half a gallon of ice cream.  Or, a break-up with a boyfriend can be consoled with a bag of potato chips.  Emotional, compulsive stress eating may make you feel better in the moment – but once you realize what you’ve done, you’re going to feel even worse.

So, how do you stop it?

When it comes to emotional eating, professional help is the only way to truly overcome it.  To end your emotional eating, you have to figure out which emotions you are trying to mask – and why you want to hide them.  It’s not always as clear as a bad day at work or a troubled relationship.  Many times, the cause of emotional eating goes far deeper.  If your emotional binge eating has been going on long enough, you may have no idea what’s really causing it.

But that’s okay.

Totell Wellness coaches have the training and experience to help you.  Together, you can work to make sense of it all.  They can open your eyes  to things about yourself that you’ve never noticed before – and stop your emotional eating!